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Publications Majeures

Combinatorial Materials Design Approach to Investigate Adhesion Layer Chemistry for Optimal Interfacial Adhesion Strength

Crystals [2021]
Schoeppner, R. L. ; Putz, B; Taylor, A. A.; Pethö, L.; Thomas, K.; Antonin, O.; Nelis, T.; Michler, J.

Nano crystalline diamond MicroWave Chemical Vapor Deposition growth on three dimension structured silicon substrate at low temperature

Diamond and Related Materials [2018]
O. Antonin ; R. Schoeppner ; M. Gabureac ; L. Pethö ; J. Michler ; P. Raynaud ; T. Nelis

Self-matching plasma sources using 2.45 GHz solid-state generators: microwave design and operating performance

Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy [2017]
Louis Latrassea ; Marilena Radoiu ; Thomas Nelis ; Olivier Antonin

A novel microwave source for collisional plasma for nano-crystalline diamond deposition

32nd ICPIG, July 26-31, 2015, Iasi, Romania [2015]
Antonin, O.; Latrasse, L.; Taylor, A.; Michler, J.; Raynaud, P.; Rats, D.; Nelis, T.

Improving HiPIMS deposition rates by hybrid RF/HiPIMS co-sputtering, and its relevance for NbSi films

Surface & Coatings Technology [2014]
N. Holtzer ; O. Antonin ; T.Minéa ; S.Marnieros ; D. Bouchier

On the HiPIMS benefits of multi-pulse operating mode

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics [2014]
Antonin, O.; Tiron, V.; Costin, C.; Popa, G.; Minéa, T.M.

Influence of the structure and composition of titanium nitride substrates on carbon nanotubes grown by chemical vapour deposition

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics [2013]
M. Morales ; S. Cucatti ; J. J. S Acuña ; L. F. Zagonel ; O. Antonin ; M. C. Hugon ; N. Marsot ; B. Bouchet-Fabre ; T. Minéa ; F. Alvarez

Tantalum based coated substrates for controlling the diameter of carbon nanotubes

Carbon [2009]
B. Bouchet-Fabre ; A. Fadjie Djomkam ; M. Delmas ; C. Jin ; O. Antonin ; M.C. Hugon ; M.F. Mayne-L’Hermite ; F. Alvarez ; T. Minéa

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