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Publications Majeures

Computation of the conducto-radiative effective heat conductivity of porous media defined by Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

International Journal of Thermal Sciences [2021]
Vignoles, G. L.; Rochais, D.; Chupin, S.

Corrigendum to “Analytical modeling of the steady state ablation of a 3D C/C composite”, [. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 51 (2008) 2614–2627.]

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer [2021]
Han, Z.; Vignoles, G.L.; Lachaud, J.; Aspa, Y.

HT-CMC10 Special Issue Editorial

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Vignoles, G.L.; Krenkel, W.; Ferraris, M.

Kinetic and gas-phase study of the chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide from C2H3SiCl3/H2

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry [2021]
Desenfant, A.; Laduye, G.; Vignoles, G.L.; Chollon, G.

Complex geometry macroporous SiC ceramics obtained by 3D-printing, polymer impregnation and pyrolysis (PIP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Baux, A.; Jacques, S.; Allemand, A.; Vignoles, G.L.; David, P.; Piquero, T.; Stempin, M.-P.; Chollon, G.

High-flux sublimation of a 3D carbon/carbon composite: Surface roughness patterns

Carbon [2021]
Levet, C.; Lachaud, J.; Ducamp, V.; Memes, R.; Couzi, J.; Mathiaud, J.; Gillard, A.P.; Weisbecker, P.; Vignoles, G.L.

Powder bed laser sintering of copper-doped hydroxyapatite: Numerical and experimental parametric analysis

Additive Manufacturing [2021]
Rouzé l'Alzit, F.; Bazin, T.; Cardinal, T.; Chung, U.-C.; Catros, S. ; Bertrand, C.; Gaudon, M. ; Vignoles, G.

The role of P 3s2 lone pair (E) in structure, properties and phase transitions of black phosphorus. Stereochemistry and ab initio topology analyses.

Solid State Sciences [2020]
Galy, J.; Vignoles, G. L.

Digitization and image-based structure-properties relationship evaluation of a porous gold micro-electrode

Materials & Design [2020]
Baux, A.; Couégnat, G.; Vignoles, G.L.; Lasseux, D.; Kuhn, A.; Carucci, C.; Mano, N.; Le, T.D.

13C NMR Parameters of Disordered Carbons: Atomistic Simulations, DFT Calculations and Experimental Results

Journal of Physical Chemistry C [2020]
Ambrozio, A. R.; Leyssale, J.-M.; Pellenq, R. J.-M.; De Souza, F. A. L.; Vignoles, G. L.; Scopel, W. L. ; Freitas, J. C. C.

Optimal thickness of a porous micro-electrode operating a single redox reaction

ChemElectroChem [2019]
Le, T.-D. ; Zhang, L.; Reculusa, S.; Vignoles, G. L. ; Mano, N.; Kuhn, A.; Lasseux, D.

Thermal design, optimization and additive manufacturing of ceramic regular structures to maximize the radiative heat transfer

Materials and Design [2019]
Pelanconi, M.; Barbato, M.; Zavattoni, S.; Bianchi, G.; Vignoles, G.L.; Ortona, A.

New insight on carbonisation and graphitisation mechanisms as obtained from a bottom-up analytical approach of X-ray diffraction patterns

Carbon [2019]
Puech, P.; Dabrowska, A.; Ratel-Ramond, N.; Vignoles, G.L.; Monthioux, M.

Image-Based Numerical Modeling of Self-Healing in a Ceramic-Matrix Minicomposite

Ceramics [2019]
Perrot, G.; Couégnat, G.; Ricchiuto, M.; Vignoles, G.L.

Upscaled model for diffusion and serial reduction pathways in porous electrodes

Journal of Eletroanalytical Chemistry [2019]
Le, T.-D.; Zhang, L.; Kuhn, A.; Mano, N., Vignoles, G.L.; Lasseux, D.

Modeling of the non-linear mechanical and thermomechanical behavior of 3D carbon/carbon composites based on internal interfaces

Carbon [2019]
Gillard, A. P.; Couegnat, G.; Chupin, S.; Vignoles, G. L.

Ablative and catalytic behavior of carbon-based porous thermal protection materials in nitrogen plasmas

Carbon [2018]
Vignoles, G. L. ; Turchi, A. ; Bianchi, D.; Blaineau, P. ; Lamboley, X. ; Le Quang Huy, D. ; Levet, C. ; Caty, O. ; Chazot, O.

Synthesis of carbon coating and carbon matrix for C/C composites based on a hydrocarbon in its supercritical state

Journal of Supercritical Fluids [2017]
Maillé, L.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Guette, A.; Vignoles, G.; Roger, J.

Microstructure and gas-surface interaction studies of a 3D carbon/carbon composite in atmospheric entry plasma

Carbon [2017]
Levet, C.; Helber, B.; Couzi, J.; Mathiaud, J.; Gouriet, J.-B.; Chazot, O. ; Vignoles, G. L.

A time-dependent atomistic reconstruction of severe irradiation damage and associated property changes in nuclear graphite

Carbon [2017]
Farbos, B.;Freeman, H.; Hardcastle, T.;Da Costa, J.-P.; Brydson, R.; Scott,A.J.; Weisbecker, P.;Germain, C.;Vignoles, G. L. ; Leyssale, J.-M.

Damage investigation and modeling of 3D woven ceramic matrix composites from X-ray tomography in-situ tensile tests

Acta Materialia [2017]
Mazars, V.; Caty, O.; Couegnat, G.; Bouterf, A.; Roux, S.; Denneulin, S.; Pailhes, J.; Vignoles, G.L.

Analytical modeling of the transient ablation of a 3D C/C composite

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer [2017]
Lachaud, J.; Aspa, Y.; Vignoles, G. L.

Multi-scale modeling of diffusion and electrochemical reactions in porous micro-electrodes

Chemical Engineering Science [2017]
Le, T. D.; Lasseux, D.; Nguyen, X.P.; Mano, N.; Kuhn, A.; Vignoles, G. L.

Polymer-Derived Silicoboron Carbonitride Foams for CO2 Capture: From Design to Application as Scaffolds for the in Situ Growth of Metal–Organic Frameworks

Chemistry - A European Journal [2016]

A hybrid random walk method for the simulation of coupled conduction and linearized radiation transfer at local scale in porous media with opaque solid phases

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer [2016]
Vignoles, G. L.

A flash characterisation method for thin cylindrical multilayered composites based on the combined front and rear faces thermograms

Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Journal [2016]
Duquesne, L.; Lorrette, C.; Pradère, C.; Vignoles, G.L.; Batsale, J.-C.

Numerical study of effective heat conductivities of foams by coupled conduction and radiation

International Journal of Thermal Sciences [2016]
Vignoles, G. L.; Ortona, A.

Thermographic and tomographic methods for tridimensional characterization of thermal transfer in silica/phenolic composites

Composites Part B: Engineering [2016]
Bresson, G.; Ahmadi-Sénichault, A.; Caty, O. ; Ayvazyan, V.; Gregori, M.L.; Costa, S.F.; Vignoles, G.L.

Thermal properties measurements of a silica/pyrocarbon composite at the microscale

Journal of Applied Physics [2016]
De, I. ; Battaglia, J.-L.; Vignoles, G. L.

A quantitative, space-resolved method for optical anisotropy estimation in bulk carbons

Carbon [2015]
Gillard, A.; Couégnat, G.; Caty, O.; Allemand, A.; Weisbecker, P.; Vignoles, G.

Physical processes causing the formation of penitentes

Physical Review E [2015]
Claudin, P. ; Jarry, H. ; Vignoles, G. ; Plapp, M. ; Andreotti, B.

A quantitative, space-resolved method for optical anisotropy estimation in bulk carbons

Carbon [2015]

On the prediction of graphene's elastic properties with reactive empirical bond order potentials

Carbon [2015]
Gamboa, A.; Vignoles, G. L.; Leyssale, J.-M.

Nanoscale elasticity of highly anisotropic pyrocarbons

Carbon [2015]
Farbos, B.; Da Costa, J.-P.; Vignoles, G. L.; Leyssale, J.-M.

An orientation-guided two-scale approach for the segmentation and quantitative description of woven bundles of fibers from 3D tomographic images

Journal of Electronic Imaging [2015]
Chapoullié, C; Da Costa, J.-P.; Cataldi, M.; Vignoles, G.; Germain, C.

Mechanism of strength reduction along the graphenization pathway

Science Advances [2015]
Gamboa, A; Farbos, B; Aurel, P; Vignoles, G L; Leyssale, J-M

Investigating carbon materials nanostructure using image orientation statistics

Carbon [2015]
Da Costa, J.P.; Weisbecker, P.; Farbos, B.; Leyssale, J.-M.; Vignoles, G.L.; Germain, C.

Application of X-ray computed micro-tomography to the study of damage and oxidation kinetics of thermostructural composites

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B [2014]
Caty, O.; Ibarroule, P.; Herbreteau, M.; Rebillat, F.; Maire, E.; Vignoles, G. L.

Nanoscale structure and texture of highly anisotropic pyrocarbons revisited with transmission electron microscopy, image processing, neutron diffraction and atomistic modeling

Carbon [2014]
Farbos, B.; Weisbecker, P.; Fischer, H.E.; Da Costa, J.-P.; Lalanne, M.; Chollon, G.; Germain, C.; Vignoles, G.L.; Leyssale, J.-M.

Behavior of Raman D band for pyrocarbons with crystallite size in the 2–5 nm range

Applied Physics A [2014]
Mallet-Ladeira, P.; Puech, P.; Weisbecker, P. ; Vignoles, G. L. ; Monthioux, M.

A Raman study to obtain crystallite size of carbon materials: A better alternative to the Tuinstra–Koenig law

Carbon [2014]
Mallet-Ladeira, P.; Puech, P.; Toulouse, C.; Cazayous, M.; Ratel-Ramond, N.; Weisbecker, P.; Vignoles, G.L.; Monthioux, M.

Image-based 2d numerical modeling of oxide formation in self-healing CMCs

Ceramics Engineering and Science Proceedings [2013]
Dréan, V.; Perrot, G.; Couégnat, G.; Ricchiuto, M.; Vignoles, G.

Microstructure of pyrocarbons from pair distribution function analysis using neutron diffraction

Carbon [2012]
Weisbecker, P; Leyssale, J-M; Fischer, HE; Honkimäki, V; Lalanne, M; Vignoles, GL

Rippled nanocarbons from periodic arrangements of reordered bivacancies in graphene or nanotubes

Journal of Chemical Physics [2012]
Leyssale, J.-M.; Vignoles, G. L.; Villesuzanne, A.

Structural features of pyrocarbon atomistic models constructed from transmission electron microscopy images

Carbon [2012]
Leyssale, J-M; da Costa, J-P; Germain, C; Weisbecker, P; Vignoles, GL

Measurement of the thermal diffusivity of a silica fiber bundle using a laser and an IR camera

Journal of Physics: Conference Series [2012]
Vignoles, G. L.; Bresson, G.; Lorrette, C.: Ahmadi-Sénichault, A.

Benefits of X-Ray CMT for the Modeling of C/C Composites

Advanced Engineering Materials [2011]
Coindreau, O.; Mulat, C.; Germain, C.; Lachaud, J.; Vignoles, G.L.

A Brownian motion algorithm for tow scale modeling of chemical vapor infiltration

Computational Materials Science [2011]
Vignoles, G. L.; Ros, W.; Szelengowicz, I.; Germain, C.

Pearson Random Walk algorithms for fiber-scale modeling of chemical vapor infiltration

Computational Materials Science [2011]
Vignoles, G. L.; Ros, W.; Mulat,C.; Coindreau, O.; Germain, C.

Simulation of Chemical Vapor Infiltration and Deposition Based on 3D Images: A Local Scale Approach

Chemical Vapor Deposition [2011]
Ros, W.; Vignoles, G. L.; Germain, C.; Supiot, P.; Kokkoris, G.

Simplified Marching Cubes : an efficient discretization scheme for simulations of deposition/ablation in complex media

Computational Materials Science [2011]
Vignoles, G. L.; Donias, M.; Mulat, C.; Germain, C.; Delesse, J.-F.

Nanostructure of pyrocarbons: from HRTEM imaging to 3D atomistic models

Proceedings of Carbon 2011 [2011]

Theoretical Study of the Decomposition of BCl3 Induced by a H Radical

Journal of Physical Chemistry A [2011]
Reinisch, G.; Leyssale, J.-M.; Vignoles, G. L.

Reaction Mechanism for the Thermal Decomposition of BCl3/CH4/H2 Gas Mixtures

Journal of Physical Chemistry A [2011]
Reinisch, G.; Vignoles, G. L.; Leyssale, J.-M.

Methyldichloroborane evidenced as an intermediate in the CVD synthesis of boron carbide

Journal of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology [2011]
Reinisch, G.; Patel, S.; Chollon G.; Leyssale J.-M.; Alotta D.; Bertrand, N.; Vignoles, G. L.

Virtual material approach to self-healing CMCs

EUCASS 2011 Proceedings [2011]

The rate-limiting step in the thermal oxidation of silicon carbide

Scripta Materialia [2010]
Wang, J.; Zhang, L.; Zeng, Q.; Vignoles,; Cheng, L.; Guette, A.

Modelling of carbon-carbon composite ablation in rocket nozzles

Composites Science and Technology [2010]
Vignoles, G.L.; Aspa, Y.; Quintard, M.

An atomistic reconstruction of the nanostructure of pyrolytic carbons guided by HRTEM data

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings [2010]
Leyssale, J-M; Da Costa, J-P; Germain C; Weisbecker, P; Vignoles, GL

Modelling Chemical Vapour Infiltration in C/C composites: numerical tools based on µ-CT images

Procs HT-CMC 7 :“ 7th Intl. Conf. On High-Temperature Ceramic-Matrix Composites [2010]
G. L. Vignoles, O. Coindreau, W. Ros, I. Szelengowicz, C. Mulat, C. Germain, M. Donias

Hindered rotor models with variable kinetic functions for accurate thermodynamic and kinetic predictions

Journal of Chemical Physics [2010]
Reinisch, G.; Leyssale, J.-M.; Vignoles, G. L.

Global and local characterization of the thermal diffusivities of SiCf/SiC composites with infrared thermography and flash method

Composites Science and Technology [2009]
Bamford, M.; Florian, M.; Vignoles, G. L.; Batsale, J.-C.; Alves Cairo, C. A.; Maillé, L.

Ablation of carbon-based materials: Multiscale roughness modelling

Composites Science and Technology [2009]
Vignoles, G. L.; Lachaud, J. ; Aspa, Y. ; Goyhénèche, J.-M.

An image-guided atomistic reconstruction of pyrolitic carbons

Applied Physics Letters [2009]
Leyssale J.-M.; Da Costa J.-P.; Germain C.; Weisbecker P.; Vignoles G. L.

Formation of multiwall fullerenes from nanodiamonds studied by atomistic simulations

Physical Review B [2009]
Los JH; Pineau N; Chevrot G; Vignoles GL; Leyssale J-M

Fibre-scale Modeling of C/C Processing by Chemical Vapour Infiltration Using X-ray CMT Images and Random Walkers

Electrochemical Society Transactions [2009]
G. L. Vignoles; C. Germain; O. Coindreau; C. Mulat ; W.Ros

Analytical modeling of the steady state ablation of a 3D C/C composite

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer [2008]
Vignoles, G. L ; Lachaud, J. ; Aspa, Y.

Modelisation multi-echelle de l ablation de composites carbone/carbone

Chocs Avancées [2008]
Vignoles, G. L.; Lachaud, J.; Aspa, Y.; Quintard, M.; Goyénèche, J.-M.; Epherre, J.-F.; Descamps, C.; Plazanet, F.; Bertrand, N.; Bourget, G.; Rebillat, F.; Vancrayenest, B.; Alrivie, M.; Weisbecker, P.; Dages, M.; Potdevin, L.

Theoretical investigation for the active-to-passive transition in the oxidation of silicon carbide

Journal of the American Ceramic Society [2008]
Wang, J.; Zhang, L.; Zeng, Q.; Vignoles, G.L.; Guette, A.

Molecular dynamics evidences of the full graphitization of a nanodiamond annealed at 1500 K

Chemical Physics Letters [2008]
Leyssale J.-M.; Vignoles G. L.

Reinforced carbon foams prepared by chemical vapor infiltration: A process modeling approach

Surface & Coatings Technology [2008]
Vignoles, G. L.; Gaborieau, C.; Delettrez, S.; Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.

Axis detection of cylindrical objects in 3-D images

Journal of Electronic Imaging [2008]
Mulat, C.; Donias, M.; Baylou, P.; Vignoles, G. L.; Germain, C.

Optimal orientation estimators for detection of cylindrical objects

Signal, Image and Video Processing [2008]
Mulat, C.; Donias, M.; Baylou, P.; Vignoles, G. L.; Germain, C.

Experimental and theoretical investigation of BCl3 decomposition in H2

Surface & Coatings Technology [2008]
Reinisch, G; Leyssale J.-M.; Bertrand, N.; Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.; Vignoles, G. L.

Analytical stability study of the densification front in carbon- or ceramic-matrix composites processing by TG-CVI

Chemical Engineering Science [2007]
Vignoles, G. L. ; Duclous, R. ; Gaillard, S.

Assessment of geometrical and transport properties of a fibrous C/C composite preform as digitized by X-ray computerized microtomography : Part II. Heat and gas transport properties

Journal of Materials Research [2007]
Vignoles, G. L.; Coindreau, O.; Ahmadi, A.; Bernard, D.

Approche multiphysique coherente pour la modelisation multiechelle des composites thermostructuraux

Chocs [2006]
Damamme, G.; Goyénèche, J.-M.; Vignoles, G. L.; Klöcker, H.

Transfert de gaz rarefié en milieu poreux

Chocs [2006]
Charrier, P.; Dubroca, B. ; Vignoles, G. L.

The film-boiling densification process for C/C composite fabrication : From local scale to overall optimization

Chemical Engineering Science [2006]
Vignoles, G. L.; Goyhénèche, J.-M.; Sébastian, P.; Puiggali, J.-R.; Lines, J.-F.; Lachaud, J.; Delhaès, P.; Trinquecoste, M.

Analytical and numerical study of the densification of carbon/carbon composites by a film-boiling chemical vapor infiltration process

Chemical Engineering Science [2006]
Nadeau, N.; Vignoles, G. L. ; Brauner, C.-M.

Low temperature pyrocarbons: a review

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society [2006]
Bourrat, X.; Langlais, F.; Chollon, G.; Vignoles,

La croissance des pyrocarbones

Actualite Chimique [2006]
Bourrat, X.; Vallerot, J.-M.; Langlais, F.; Vignoles, G.L.

Modeling of isobaric-isothermal chemical vapor infiltration : effects of reactor control parameters on a densification

Journal of Materials Processing Technology [2005]
Reuge, N.; Vignoles, G. L.

Assessment of geometrical and transport properties of a fibrous C/C composite preform using X-ray computerized micro-tomography : Part I. Image acquisition and geometrical properties

Journal of Materials Research [2005]
Coindreau, O.; Vignoles, G. L.

CVD and CVI of pyrocarbon from various precursors

Surface & Coatings Technology [2004]
Vignoles, G. L.; Langlais, F.; Descamps, C.; Mouchon, A.; Le Poche, H.; Reuge, N.; Bertrand, N.

X-ray tomographic imaging of Al/SiCp functionally graded composites fabricated by centrifugal casting

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research section B [2003]
Velhinho, A.; Sequeira, P. D.; Martins, R.; Vignoles, G. L.; Braz Fernandez, F.; Botas, J. D.; Rocha, L. A.

Direct 3D microscale imaging of carbon-carbon composites with computed holotomography

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research section B [2003]
Coindreau, O.; Vignoles, G. L.; Cloetens, P.

STIM tomography : a potential tool for the non-destructive characterisation of SiC microcomposite materials

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B [2001]
A. Guette ; C. Michelet ; F. Rebillat ; G. Vignoles ; P. Moretto ; S. Le Gallet

Correlation between homogeneous propane pyrolysis and pyrocarbon deposition

J. Electrochem. Soc. [2001]
C. Descamps ; F. LANGLAIS ; G.L. VIGNOLES ; J. Lavenac ; O. F?ron

Monotoring density and temperature in C/C composites Processing by CVI with induction heating

J. Materials Synthesis and Processing [2001]
B. Bernard ; D. Leutard ; F. LAMOUROUX ; G.L. VIGNOLES

Pyrocarbon anisotropy as measured by electron diffraction and polarized light

Journal of Materials Research [2000]
Bourrat, X.; Trouvat,B.; Limousin, G.; Vignoles, G. L.; Doux, F.

Extension of the bifurcation method for diffusion coefficients to porous medium transport

Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIB-Mechanics [2000]
C. Descamps ; G.L. VIGNOLES

The thermal gradient-pulse flow CVI process : a new chemical vapor infiltration technique for the densification of fibre preforms

J European Ceram Soc [1998]

On the CVD of MoSi2: an experimental study from the MoCl4–SiCl4–H2–Ar precursor with a view to the preparation of C/MoSi2/SiC and SiC/MoSi2/SiC microcomposites

Journal of Materials Science [1998]
Bobet, J.-L.; Vignoles, G. L.; Langlais, F.; Naslain, R.

Atomic relaxation and dynamical generation of ordered and disordered CVI Sic polytypes

Journal of Crystal Growth [1992]

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