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Publications Majeures

The high temperature reaction of ammonia with carbon and SiC-C ceramics

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Chollon, G.

Kinetic and gas-phase study of the chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide from C2H3SiCl3/H2

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry [2021]
Desenfant, A.; Laduye, G.; Vignoles, G.L.; Chollon, G.

Tuning of the high temperature behaviour of Si-C-N ceramics via the chemical crosslinking of poly(vinylmethyl-co-methyl)silazanes with controlled borane contents

Open Ceramics [2021]
Wynn, M.; Lopez-Ferber, D.; Viard, A.; Fonblanc, D.; Schmidt, M.; Rossignol, F.; Carles, P.; Chollon, G.; Gervais, C.; Bernard, S.

Complex geometry macroporous SiC ceramics obtained by 3D-printing, polymer impregnation and pyrolysis (PIP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Baux, A.; Jacques, S.; Allemand, A.; Vignoles, G.L.; David, P.; Piquero, T.; Stempin, M.-P.; Chollon, G.

Hydrogen effects on the thermal conductivity of delocalized vibrational modes in amorphous silicon nitride (a-SiNx : H)

Physical Review Materials [2021]
Braun, J.L.; King, S.W.; Hoglund, E.R.; Gharacheh, M.A.; Scott, E.A.; Giri, A.; Tomko, J.A.; Gaskins, J.T.; Al-kukhun, A.; Bhattarai, G.; Paquette, M.M.; Chollon, G.; Willey, B.; Antonelli, G.A.; Gidley, D.W.; Hwang, J.; Howe, J.M.; Hopkins, P.E.

Synthesis and properties of macroporous SiC ceramics synthesized by 3D printing and chemical vapor infiltration/deposition

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2020]
Baux, A.; Goillot, A.; Jacques, S.; Heisel, C.; Rochais, D.; Charpentier, L.; David, P.; Piquero, T.; Chartier, T.; Chollon, G.

Mechanisms and kinetics during reactive infiltration of molten silicon in porous graphite

Ceramics International [2019]
Roger, J.; Chollon, G.

Synthesis and properties of multiscale porosity TiC-SiC ceramics

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2019]
Baux, A.; Nouvian, L.; Arnaud, K.; Jacques, S.; Piquero, T.; Rochais, D.; David, P.; Chollon, G.

Synthesis and optimization of low-pressure chemical vapor deposition-silicon nitride coatings deposited from SiHCl3 and NH3

Thin Solid Films [2019]
Cossou, B.; Jacques, S.; Couégnat, G.; King, S.W.; Li, L.; Lanford, W.A.; Bhattarai, G.; Paquette, M.; Chollon, G.

Low pressure chemical vapour deposition of BN: Relationship between gas phase chemistry and coating microstructure

Thin Solid Films [2018]
Carminati, P; Buffeteau, T.; Daugey, N.; Chollon, G.; Rebillat, F.; Jacques, S.

Oxidation behavior at moderate temperature under dry and wet air of phenolic resin-derived carbon

Thermochimica Acta [2017]
Bertran, X.; Chollon, G.; Dentzer, J.; Gadiou, R.; Fouquet, S.; Dourges, M.-A.; Rebillat, F.

Boron and high-k dielectrics: Possible fourth etch stop colors for multipattern optical lithography processing

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films [2017]
Dhungana, S.; Nguyen, T.D.; Nordell, B.J.; Caruso, A.N.; Paquette, M.M.; Chollon, G.; Lanford, W.A.; Scharfenberger, K.; Jacob, D.; King, S.W.

Molecular Chemistry and Engineering of Boron-Modified Polyorganosilazanes as New Processable and Functional SiBCN Precursors

Chemistry - A European Journal [2017]
Viard, A.; Fonblanc, D.; Schmidt, M.; Lale, A.; Salameh, C.; Soleilhavoup, A.; Wynn, M.; Champagne, P.; Cerneaux, S.; Babonneau, F.; Chollon, G.; Rossignol, F.; Gervais, C. ; Bernard, S.

Boron carbonitride coatings synthesized by LPCVD, structure and properties

Carbon [2017]
Puyoo, G.; Teyssandier, F.; Pailler, R.; Labrugère, C.; Chollon, G.

Molecular Level Processing of Si-(B)-C Materials with Tailored Nano-/Microstructures

Chemistry - A European Journal [2017]
Schmidt, M.; Durif, C.; Diaz Acosta, E.; Salameh, C.; Plaisantin, H.; Miele, P.; Backov, R.; Machado, R.; Gervais, C.; Alauzun, J.G.; Chollon, G; Bernard, S.

Synthesis and characterization of monolithic CVD-SiC tubes

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2016]
Drieux, P.; Chollon, G.; Jacques, S.; Couégnat, G.; Jouannigot, S.; Weisbecker, P.

Chemical vapour infiltration and mechanical properties of carbon open-cell foams

Carbon [2014]
Chollon, G.; Delettrez, S.; Langlais, F.

Nanoscale structure and texture of highly anisotropic pyrocarbons revisited with transmission electron microscopy, image processing, neutron diffraction and atomistic modeling

Carbon [2014]
Farbos, B.; Weisbecker, P.; Fischer, H.E.; Da Costa, J.-P.; Lalanne, M.; Chollon, G.; Germain, C.; Vignoles, G.L.; Leyssale, J.-M.

Structural changes of CVD-Si-B-C coatings under thermal annealing

Surface and Coatings Technology [2013]
Pallier, C.; Chollon, G.; Weisbecker, P.; Teyssandier, F.; Gervais, C.; Sirotti, F.

Structure of an Amorphous Boron Carbide Film: An Experimental and Computational Approach

Chemistry of Materials [2013]
Pallier, C.; Leyssale, J.-M.; Truflandier, L.A.; Bui, A.T.; Weisbecker, P.; Gervais, C.; Fischer, H.E.; Sirotti, F.; Teyssandier, F.; Chollon, G.

Experimental study of the chemical vapor deposition from CH3SiHCl2/H2 : Application to the synthesis of monolithic SiC tubes

Surface & Coatings Technology [2013]
Drieux, P; Chollon, G; Jacques, S; Allemand, A; Cavagnat, D; Buffeteau, T

Transient stages during the chemical vapour deposition of silicon carbide from CH3SiCl3/H2: impact on the physicochemical and interfacial properties of the coatings

Thin Solid Films [2012]
Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.; Placide, M.; Weisbecker, P.

Methyldichloroborane evidenced as an intermediate in the CVD synthesis of boron carbide

Journal of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology [2011]
Reinisch, G.; Patel, S.; Chollon G.; Leyssale J.-M.; Alotta D.; Bertrand, N.; Vignoles, G. L.

Deposition process of Si-B-C ceramics from CH3SiCl3/BCl3/H2 precursor

Thin Solid Films [2008]
Berjonneau, J.; Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.

Reinforced carbon foams prepared by chemical vapor infiltration: A process modeling approach

Surface & Coatings Technology [2008]
Vignoles, G. L.; Gaborieau, C.; Delettrez, S.; Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.

Experimental and theoretical investigation of BCl3 decomposition in H2

Surface & Coatings Technology [2008]
Reinisch, G; Leyssale J.-M.; Bertrand, N.; Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.; Vignoles, G. L.

Understanding the CVD process of (Si)-B-C ceramics through FTIR spectroscopy gas phase analysis

Surface and Coatings Technology [2007]
Berjonneau, J.; Langlais, F.; Chollon, G.

Structural and textural changes of CVD-SiC to indentation, high temperature creep and irradiation

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2007]
Chollon, G.; Vallerot, J.M.; Helary, D.; Jouannigot, S.

Structural and textural analyses of SiC-based and carbon CVD coatings by Raman Microspectroscopy

Thin Solid Films [2007]
Chollon, G.

Quantitative structural and textural assessment of laminar pyrocarbons through Raman spectroscopy, electron diffraction and few other techniques

Carbon [2006]
Vallerot, J.-M.; Bourrat, X.; Mouchon, A.; Chollon, G.

Low temperature pyrocarbons: a review

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society [2006]
Bourrat, X.; Langlais, F.; Chollon, G.; Vignoles,

Deposition process of amorphous boron carbide from CH[sub:4]/BCl [sub:3]/H[sub:2] precursor

Journal of the Electrochemical Society [2006]
Berjonneau, J.; Chollon, G.; Langlais, F.

High temperature properties of SiC and diamond CVD-monofilaments

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2005]
Chollon, G.; Naslain, R.; Prentice, C.; Shatwell, R.; May, P.

Low temperature, fast deposition of metallic titanium nitride films using plasma activated reactive evaporation

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films [2005]
Montes De Oca Valero, J.A.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Manaud, J.P.; Chollon, G.; Romo, F.J.C.; López M., A.

Microstructural and microtextural investigations of boron nitride deposited from BCl3-NH3-H2 gas mixtures

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2004]
Le Gallet, S.; Chollon, G.; Rebillat, F.; Guette, A.; Bourrat, X.; Naslain, R.; Couzi, M.; Bruneel, J.L.

New pitches with enhanced graphitization ability obtained from Moroccan oil shales

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis [2004]
Abourriche, A.; Oumam, M.; Mouhssim, A.; Dahiri, M.; Hannache, H.; Chollon, G.; Pailler, R.; Naslain, R.; Birot, M.; Pillot, J.-P.

In situ kinetic analysis of SiC filaments CVD

Diamond and Related Materials [2002]
Féron, O.; Chollon, G.; Dartigues, F.; Langlais, F.; Naslain, R.

Chemical, microstructural and thermal analyses of a naphthalene-derived mesophase pitch

Carbon [2002]
Dumont, M.; Chollon, G.; Dourges, M.A.; Pailler, R.; Bourrat, X.; Naslain, R.; Bruneel, J.L.; Couzi, M.

Regenerative laminar pyrocarbon

Carbon [2002]
Bourrat, X.; Fillion, A.; Naslain, R.; Chollon, G.; Brendlé, M.

Microstructure and mechanical properties of coal tar pitch-based 2D-C/C composites with a filler addition

Carbon [2001]
Chollon, G.; Siron, O.; Takahashi, J.; Yamauchi, H.; Maeda, K.; Kosaka, K.

Characterization of nearly stoichiometric SiC ceramic fibres

Journal of Materials Science [2001]
Dong, S.M.; Chollon, G.; Labrugère, C.; Lahaye, M.; Guette, A.; Bruneel, J.L.; Couzi, M.; Naslain, R.; Jiang, D.L.

Oxidation behaviour of ceramic fibres from the Si-C-N-O system and related sub-systems

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2000]
Chollon, G.

Microstructural and mechanical properties of filler-added coal-tar pitch-based C/C composites: the damage and fracture process in correlation with AE waveform parameters

Carbon [2000]
Siron, O.; Chollon, G.; Tsuda, H.; Yamauchi, H.; Maeda, K.; Kosaka, K.

Raman microspectroscopy study of a C/C composite

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing [1999]
Chollon, G.; Takahashi, J.

A Silicon-29 MAS-NMR Study of [alpha]-Silicon Nitride and Amorphous Silicon Oxynitride Fibres

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [1998]
Chollon, G.; Hany, R.; Vogt, U.; Berroth, K.

Correlation between microstructure and electrical properties of SiC-based fibres derived from organosilicon precursors

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [1998]
Chollon, G.; Pailler, R.; Canet, R.; Delhaes, P.

Thermal behaviour of a polytitanocarbosilane-derived fibre with a low oxygen content: the Tyranno Lox-E fibre

Journal of Materials Science [1998]
Chollon, G.; Aldacourrou, B.; Capes, L.; Pailler, R.; Naslain, R.

Processing and characterization of an amorphous Si N (O) fibre

Journal of Materials Science [1998]
Chollon, G.; Vogt, U.; Berroth, K.

A model SiC-based fibre with a low oxygen content prepared from a polycarbosilane precursor

Journal of Materials Science [1997]
Chollon, G.; Czerniak, M.; Pailler, R.; Bourrat, X.; Naslain, R.; Pillot, J.P.; Cannet; R.

Correlation between microstructure and mechanical behaviour at high temperatures of a SiC fibre with a low oxygen content (Hi-Nicalon)

Journal of Materials Science [1997]
Chollon, G.; Pailler, R.; Naslain, R.; Olry, P.

Thermal stability of a PCS-derived SiC fibre with a low oxygen content (Hi-Nicalon)

Journal of Materials Science [1997]
Chollon, G.; Pailler, R.; Naslain, R.; Laanani, F.; Monthioux, M.; Olry, P.

Si-C-N ceramics with a high microstructural stability elaborated from the pyrolysis of new polycarbosilazane precursors .5. oxidation kinetics of model filaments

Journal of Materials Science [1993]
Mocaer, D.; Chollon, G.; Pailler, R.; Filipuzzi, L.; Naslain, R.

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