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Publications Majeures

Oxidation/corrosion of BN-based coatings as prospective interphases for SiC/SiC composites

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Carminati, P.; Jacques, S.; Rebillat, F.

TEM characterization of turbostratic and rhombohedral BN interphases synthesized by chemical vapour infiltration in SiC/SiC-Si composites

Materials Characterization [2021]
Plaisantin, H.; Jacques, S.; Danet, J.; Camus, G.; Delpouve, H.

Complex geometry macroporous SiC ceramics obtained by 3D-printing, polymer impregnation and pyrolysis (PIP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Baux, A.; Jacques, S.; Allemand, A.; Vignoles, G.L.; David, P.; Piquero, T.; Stempin, M.-P.; Chollon, G.

In-beam creep of SiCf/SiC minicomposites under uniaxial tensile loading

Journal of Nuclear Materials [2020]
Chen, J.; Jacques, S.; Barthe, M.-F.; Zhang, C.; Desgardin, P.

Synthesis and properties of macroporous SiC ceramics synthesized by 3D printing and chemical vapor infiltration/deposition

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2020]
Baux, A.; Goillot, A.; Jacques, S.; Heisel, C.; Rochais, D.; Charpentier, L.; David, P.; Piquero, T.; Chartier, T.; Chollon, G.

Synthesis and properties of multiscale porosity TiC-SiC ceramics

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2019]
Baux, A.; Nouvian, L.; Arnaud, K.; Jacques, S.; Piquero, T.; Rochais, D.; David, P.; Chollon, G.

Synthesis and optimization of low-pressure chemical vapor deposition-silicon nitride coatings deposited from SiHCl3 and NH3

Thin Solid Films [2019]
Cossou, B.; Jacques, S.; Couégnat, G.; King, S.W.; Li, L.; Lanford, W.A.; Bhattarai, G.; Paquette, M.; Chollon, G.

Low pressure chemical vapour deposition of BN: Relationship between gas phase chemistry and coating microstructure

Thin Solid Films [2018]
Carminati, P; Buffeteau, T.; Daugey, N.; Chollon, G.; Rebillat, F.; Jacques, S.

Identification of Complex Oxidation/Corrosion Behaviours of Boron Nitride Under High Temperature

Oxidation of Metals [2017]
Willemin, S.; Carminati, P.; Jacques, S.; Roger, J.; Rebillat, F.

Consolidation and conversion of carbon powders into TiC by Reactive Chemical Vapour Infiltration

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2016]
Ledain, O.; Jacques, S.; Maillé, L.

Synthesis and characterization of monolithic CVD-SiC tubes

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2016]
Drieux, P.; Chollon, G.; Jacques, S.; Couégnat, G.; Jouannigot, S.; Weisbecker, P.

High temperature oxidation of two- and three-dimensional hafnium carbide and silicon carbide coatings

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2014]
Verdon, C.; Szwedek, O.; Allemand, A.; Jacques, S.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; David, P.

Nanoscale multilayered and porous carbide interphases prepared by pressure-pulsed reactive chemical vapor deposition for ceramic matrix composites

Applied Surface Science [2013]
Jacques, S.; Jouanny, I.; Ledain, O.; Maillé, I.; Weisbecker P.

Experimental study of the chemical vapor deposition from CH3SiHCl2/H2 : Application to the synthesis of monolithic SiC tubes

Surface & Coatings Technology [2013]
Drieux, P; Chollon, G; Jacques, S; Allemand, A; Cavagnat, D; Buffeteau, T

Hafnium and silicon carbide multilayer coatings for the protection of carbon composites

Surface and Coatings Technology [2013]
Verdon, C.; Szwedek, O.; Jacques, S.; Allemand, A.; Le Petitcorps, Y.

Reactive chemical vapor deposition of Ti3SiC2 with and without pressure pulses: Effect on the ternary carbide texture

Thin Solid Films [2010]
Jacques, S.; Fakih, H.; Viala, J.-C.

Synthesis of TiC from porous carbon coating on Si-C-O (Nicalon) fibres by reactive chemical vapour deposition in pressure-pulsed mode or at atmospheric pressure

Journal of Materials Sciences [2010]
Jouanny, I.; Jacques, S.; Weisbecker, P.; Labrugère, C.; Lahaye, M.; Maillé, L.; Pailler, R.

Deposition and characterization of hex-BN coating on carbon fibres using tris(dimethylamino)borane precursor

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2007]
Lorrette, C. ; Goyhénèche, J.-M. ; Weisbecker, P. ; Pailler, R. ; Jacques, S.

Preparation and characterization of 2D SiC/SiC composites with composition-graded C(B) interphase

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [1997]

LPCVD and characterization of boron-containing pyrocarbon materials

Carbon [1996]
Jacques, S.; Guette, A.; Bourrat, X.; Langlais, F.; Guimon, C.; Labrugere, C.

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