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Publications Majeures

An original concept for the synthesis of an oxide coating: The film boiling process

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Besnard, C.; Allemand, A.; David, P.; Léon, J.-F.; Maillé, L.

Synthesis of hexacelsian barium aluminosilicate by film boiling chemical vapour process

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2020]
Besnard, C.; Allemand, A.; David, P.; Maillé, L.

Sustainable approach for cellulose aerogel preparation from the DBU-CO2 switchable solvent

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering [2019]
Onwukamike, K.N.; Lapuyade, L.; Maillé, L.; Grelier, S.; Grau, E.; Cramail, H.; Meier, M. A. R.

Preparation of ceramic materials using Supercritical Fluid Chemical Deposition

Journal of Supercritical Fluids [2018]
Henry, L; Roger, J; Le Petitcorps, Y; Aymonier, C; Maillé, L

Synthesis of carbon coating and carbon matrix for C/C composites based on a hydrocarbon in its supercritical state

Journal of Supercritical Fluids [2017]
Maillé, L.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Guette, A.; Vignoles, G.; Roger, J.

Low temperature matrix synthesis by activated nitridation of a TiSi2 powder

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2017]
Maillé, L.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Roger, J.

Nitridation enhancement of TiSi2 powders by addition of nickel

Journal of Alloys and Compounds [2017]
Roger, J.; Nouvian, L.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Maillé, L.

Consolidation and conversion of carbon powders into TiC by Reactive Chemical Vapour Infiltration

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2016]
Ledain, O.; Jacques, S.; Maillé, L.

Isothermal nitridation kinetics of TiSi2 powders

Journal of the Solid State Chemistry [2014]
Roger, J.; Maillé, L.; Dourges, M.-A.

Manufacturing of ceramic matrix composite using a hybrid processcombining TiSi2 active filler infiltration and preceramic impregnation and pyrolysis

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2014]
Maillé, L; Le Ber, S; Dourges, M.A.; Pailler, P.; Guette, A; Roger, J

Joining silicon carbide plates by titanium disilicide-based compound

Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics [2014]
Jacques, E; Le Petitcorps, Y; Maillé, L; Lorrette, C; Chaffron, L

Elaboration of C/C composites based on the infiltration of a hydrocarbon precursor in supercritical state into the preform

Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics [2014]
Maillé, L. ; Guette, A. ; Pailler, R. ; Le Petitcorps,Y. ; Weisbecker, P.

Spark plasma sintering of ceramic matrix composites with self- Healing matrix

Ceramics Engineering and Science Proceedings [2014]
Magnant, J.; Maillé, L.; Pailler, R.; Guette, A.

Nanoscale multilayered and porous carbide interphases prepared by pressure-pulsed reactive chemical vapor deposition for ceramic matrix composites

Applied Surface Science [2013]
Jacques, S.; Jouanny, I.; Ledain, O.; Maillé, I.; Weisbecker P.

Fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites processed by a hybrid technique based on chemical vapor infiltration, slurry impregnation and spark plasma sintering

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2013]
Magnant, J; Pailler, R; Le Petitcorps, Y; Maillé, L; Guette, A; Marthe, J; Philippe, E

Study of the nitridation process of TiSi2 powder

Applied Surface Science [2012]
Maillé, L.; Dourges, MA.; Le Ber, S.; Weisbecker, P.; Teyssandier, F.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Pailler, R.

Carbon fiber/reaction-bonded carbide matrix for composite materials – Manufacture and characterization

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2012]
Magnant, J; Maillé, L; Pailler, R; Ichard, J; Guette, A; Rebillat, F; Philippe, E

Al-O-N and Al-O-B-N thin films applied on Si-O-C fibers

Composites Science and Technology [2010]
Delcamp, A; Maillé, L; Saint Martin, S; Pailler, R; Guette, A

In-situ processing of carbon coatings on the surface of SiC-based fibers

Surface and Coatings Technology [2010]
Delcamp, A; Maillé, L; Rufino, B; Mazerat, S; Pailler, R; Guette, A; Weisbecker, W; Plaisantin, H; Philippe, E; Loison, S

Synthesis of TiC from porous carbon coating on Si-C-O (Nicalon) fibres by reactive chemical vapour deposition in pressure-pulsed mode or at atmospheric pressure

Journal of Materials Sciences [2010]
Jouanny, I.; Jacques, S.; Weisbecker, P.; Labrugère, C.; Lahaye, M.; Maillé, L.; Pailler, R.

Global and local characterization of the thermal diffusivities of SiCf/SiC composites with infrared thermography and flash method

Composites Science and Technology [2009]
Bamford, M.; Florian, M.; Vignoles, G. L.; Batsale, J.-C.; Alves Cairo, C. A.; Maillé, L.

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