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Publications Majeures

TEM characterization of turbostratic and rhombohedral BN interphases synthesized by chemical vapour infiltration in SiC/SiC-Si composites

Materials Characterization [2021]
Plaisantin, H.; Jacques, S.; Danet, J.; Camus, G.; Delpouve, H.

Improvement of silicon carbide fibers mechanical properties by Cl2 etching

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2018]
Mazerat, S.; Delcamp, A.; Pailler, R.; Lamon, J.; Plaisantin, H.

Molecular Level Processing of Si-(B)-C Materials with Tailored Nano-/Microstructures

Chemistry - A European Journal [2017]
Schmidt, M.; Durif, C.; Diaz Acosta, E.; Salameh, C.; Plaisantin, H.; Miele, P.; Backov, R.; Machado, R.; Gervais, C.; Alauzun, J.G.; Chollon, G; Bernard, S.

Matricial inclusion of AlN and Al2O3 nanoparticles in C/C composites from

Ceramics International [2017]
Martin, N.; Plaisantin, H.; Weisbecker, P.; Leyssale, J.-M.; Pailler, R.

Non thermal plasma functionalized 2d carbon-carbon composites as supports for co nanoparticles

Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing [2014]
Souquet-Grumey, J.; Ayrault, P.; Heintz, O.; Barrault, J.; Tatibouët, J.-M.; Plaisantin, H.; Thébault, J.; Valange, S.; Fourré, E.

In-situ processing of carbon coatings on the surface of SiC-based fibers

Surface and Coatings Technology [2010]
Delcamp, A; Maillé, L; Rufino, B; Mazerat, S; Pailler, R; Guette, A; Weisbecker, W; Plaisantin, H; Philippe, E; Loison, S

Investigation of the pyrolysis mechanisms of cellobiose in the presence of a polysiloxane

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis [2008]
Plaisantin, H. ; Birot, M; Pillot, JP; Daudé, G; Pailler, R; Guette, A; Loison, S; Olry, P; Simon, P; Labrugère, C; Péraud, M

Ex-cellulose carbon fibres with improved mechanical properties

Journal of Materials Science [2006]
Plaisantin, H.; Pailler, R.; Guette, A.; Birot, M.; Pillot, J-P.; Daude, G.; Olry, P.

Conversion of cellulosic fibres into carbon fibres : a study the mechanical propeties and correlation with chemical structure

Composites Sci & Technol [2001]
Plaisantin, H. ; Pailler, R. ; Guette, A. ; Daude, G. ;Pillot, JP. ; Birot, M.; Petraud, M. ; Olry, P.

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