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20 dernières Publications

« Low pressure gas transfer in fibrous media with progressive infiltration: correlation between different transfer modes

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer [2022]
Charles, C.; Vignoles, G. L.; Descamps, C.

Oxidation/corrosion of BN-based coatings as prospective interphases for SiC/SiC composites

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Carminati, P.; Jacques, S.; Rebillat, F.

Computation of the conducto-radiative effective heat conductivity of porous media defined by Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

International Journal of Thermal Sciences [2021]
Vignoles, G. L.; Rochais, D.; Chupin, S.

Corrigendum to “Analytical modeling of the steady state ablation of a 3D C/C composite”, [. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 51 (2008) 2614–2627.]

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer [2021]
Han, Z.; Vignoles, G.L.; Lachaud, J.; Aspa, Y.

Performance assessment of the augmented finite element method for the modelling of weak discontinuities

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering [2021]
Essongue, S.; Couégnat, G.; Martin, E.

The high temperature reaction of ammonia with carbon and SiC-C ceramics

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Chollon, G.

Enhancement of mechanical properties and chemical durability of Soda-lime silicate glasses treated by DC gas discharges

Journal of the American Ceramic Society [2021]
Chazot, M.; Paraillous, M.; Jouannigot, S.; Teulé-Gay, L.; Salvetat, J.-P.; Adamietz, F.; Alvarado-Meza, R.; Karam, L.; Poulon, A.; Cardinal, T.; Fargin, E.; Dussauze, M.

HT-CMC10 Special Issue Editorial

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Vignoles, G.L.; Krenkel, W.; Ferraris, M.

Kinetic and gas-phase study of the chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide from C2H3SiCl3/H2

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry [2021]
Desenfant, A.; Laduye, G.; Vignoles, G.L.; Chollon, G.

Coupling tomographic and thermographic measurements for in-situ thermo-mechanical tests

Measurement Science and Technology [2021]
Turpin, L.; Roux, S.; Caty, O.; Denneulin, S.

Kinetics of liquid metal infiltration in TiC-SiC or SiC porous compacts

Journal of Alloys and Compounds [2021]
Roger, J.; Salles, M.

TEM characterization of turbostratic and rhombohedral BN interphases synthesized by chemical vapour infiltration in SiC/SiC-Si composites

Materials Characterization [2021]
Plaisantin, H.; Jacques, S.; Danet, J.; Camus, G.; Delpouve, H.

Monitoring damage evolution of ceramic matrix composites during tensile tests using electrical resistivity: Crack density-based electromechanical model

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Goulmy, J.-P.; Camus, G.; Rebillat, F.

Tuning of the high temperature behaviour of Si-C-N ceramics via the chemical crosslinking of poly(vinylmethyl-co-methyl)silazanes with controlled borane contents

Open Ceramics [2021]
Wynn, M.; Lopez-Ferber, D.; Viard, A.; Fonblanc, D.; Schmidt, M.; Rossignol, F.; Carles, P.; Chollon, G.; Gervais, C.; Bernard, S.

Complex geometry macroporous SiC ceramics obtained by 3D-printing, polymer impregnation and pyrolysis (PIP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Baux, A.; Jacques, S.; Allemand, A.; Vignoles, G.L.; David, P.; Piquero, T.; Stempin, M.-P.; Chollon, G.

Static fatigue of SiC-based multifilament tows at intermediate temperature: The time to failure variability

International Journal of Fatigue [2021]
Mazerat, S.; Pailler, R.

Data on SiC-based bundle lifetime variability: The insufficiency of external phenomena affecting the flaw size

Data in Brief [2021]
Mazerat, S.; Pailler, R.

Dataset on fractographic analysis of various SiC-based fibers

Data in Brief [2021]
Mazerat, S.; Pailler, R.

Feasibility of a weakly intrusive Generalized Finite Element Method implementation in a commercial code: Application to Ceramic Matrix Composite micro-structures

Computers & Structures [2021]
Jayet, T.-D.; Baranger, E.; Couegnat, G.; Denneulin, S.

An original concept for the synthesis of an oxide coating: The film boiling process

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2021]
Besnard, C.; Allemand, A.; David, P.; Léon, J.-F.; Maillé, L.

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