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20 dernières Publications

Self-organized nano-scale multilayer coating on SiC fibers obtained by phosphating

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2018]
Mazerat, S.; Pailler, R.

A finite fracture model for the analysis of multi-cracking in woven ceramic matrix composites

Composites Part B: Engineering [2018]
Li, J.; Martin, E; Leguillon, D; Dupin, C

Solid-liquid co-existent phase process: Towards fully dense and thermally efficient Cu/C composite materials

Journal of Alloys and Compounds [2018]
Azina, C; Roger, J; Joulain, A; Mauchamp, V; Mortaigne, B; Lu, Y; Silvain, JF

Prediction of multi-cracking in sub-micron films using the coupled criterion

International Journal of Fracture [2018]
Leguillon, D.; Martin, E.

SiC/Si composites elaboration by capillary infiltration of molten silicon

Journal of Alloys and Compounds [2018]
Roger, J.; Guesnet; L., Marchais, A.; Le Petitcorps, Y.

Ablative and catalytic behavior of carbon-based porous thermal protection materials in nitrogen plasmas

Carbon [2018]
Vignoles, G. L. ; Turchi, A. ; Bianchi, D.; Blaineau, P. ; Lamboley, X. ; Le Quang Huy, D. ; Levet, C. ; Caty, O. ; Chazot, O.

Oxidation of ß-SiC at high temperature in Ar/O2, Ar/CO2, Ar/H2O gas mixtures: active/passive transition

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2018]
Brisebourg, M. Q. ; Rebillat, F.; Teyssandier, F.

Oxidation of ß-SiC at high temperature in Ar/O2, Ar/CO2, Ar/H2O gas mixtures: Kinetic study of the silica growth in the passive regime

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2018]
Brisebourg, M. Q.; Rebillat, F.; Teyssandier, F.

ns2 lone pair (E) and structural evolution of trichlorides M*Cl3E (M*=N,P,As,Sb and Bi) series. Stereochemistry and ab initio topology of Cl electron pair triplets

Solid State Sciences [2018]
Galy, J.; Matar, S.

Improvement of silicon carbide fibers mechanical properties by Cl2 etching

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2018]
Mazerat, S.; Delcamp, A.; Pailler, R.; Lamon, J.; Plaisantin, H.

Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of a Nextel™610/alumina weak matrix composite subjected to tensile and compressive loadings

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [2017]
Ben Ramdane, C., Valle, R., Renollet, Y. , Parlier, M. , Martin, E., Diss, P.

Identification of Complex Oxidation/Corrosion Behaviours of Boron Nitride Under High Temperature

Oxidation of Metals [2017]
Willemin, S.; Carminati, P.; Jacques, S.; Roger, J.; Rebillat, F.

Preparation of ceramic materials using Supercritical Fluid Chemical Deposition

Journal of Supercritical Fluids [2017]
Henry, L; Roger, J; Le Petitcorps, Y; Aymonier, C; Maillé, L

Influence of the Cooling Temperature on the Mechanical Behavior of an Oxidized Self-Healing Ceramic Matrix Composite

Oxidation of metals [2017]
Bertrand, R.; Camus, G.; Henne, J.-F.; Rebillat, F.

Stereochemistry of nitrogene E lone pairs in NH3E, NOFE, N2O3E2, AgNO2E and NCl3E

Comptes Rendus Chimie [2017]
Galy, J; Couégnat, G.; Vila, E.; Matar, S.

Multi-cracking in brittle thin layers and coatings using a FFM model

European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids [2017]
Leguillon, D., Li, J., Martin, E.

Electrical resistivity monitoring of a SiC/[Si-B-C] composite under oxidizing environments

Acta Materialia [2017]
Simon, C.; Rebillat, F.; Camus, G.

Synthesis of carbon coating and carbon matrix for C/C composites based on a hydrocarbon in its supercritical state

Journal of Supercritical Fluids [2017]
Maillé, L.; Le Petitcorps, Y.; Guette, A.; Vignoles, G.; Roger, J.

Microstructure and gas-surface interaction studies of a 3D carbon/carbon composite in atmospheric entry plasma

Carbon [2017]
Levet, C.; Helber, B.; Couzi, J.; Mathiaud, J.; Gouriet, J.-B.; Chazot, O. ; Vignoles, G. L.

Monitoring damage evolution of SiCf/[SiBC]m composites using electrical resistivity: Crack density-based electromechanical modeling

Acta Materialia [2017]
Simon, C.; Rebillat, F.; Herb, V.; Camus, G.

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