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Tutelle du CNRSLaboratory of Thermo Structural Composites UMR5801


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LCTS consists of a unique research team with diverse and complementary skills to answer the various questions raised by the synthesis of carbon and ceramic composite materials and their use in severe conditions. Its scientific activity is organized around four main themes, corresponding to the main skills of the staff:

  • material development
  • morphological and structural characterization
  • behavior tests
  • virtual modeling and virtual materials

    Laboratory of Thermo Structural Composites

    Crédit : LTSC.

    As a result, the team has a flexible and responsive organization. Decisions are made by the Director, in agreement with the two Scientific Delegates of non-academic partners and the Laboratory Advisory Council.

    The administrator deals with several strategic aspects of laboratory life, such as budget, accounting, communication, heritage protection.

    Four general services address the following aspects of laboratory life:

  • Health Safety and Environment
  • training
  • quality
  • computer and network system, digital security

    Five technical services provide support for the following activities:

  • service of material development processes
  • service of physicochemical characterization
  • service of mechanical testing
  • service of morphological & structural characterization
  • service of digital modeling and simulation of materials and processes

    Organizational chart

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